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The concept of force has multiple meanings. It can be the application of the moral or physical power; the natural virtue of things; the most vigorous State of something; the influence that could alter the State of rest or motion of a body; the strength and the ability to move someone or something heavy or that make resistance.
Army, is an adjective that relates to what is equipped with weapons, a tool or utensil. It is also something that grows with the use of weapons.
Means armed forces of a State police forces. These forces are composed of men who have the training and the permission to manipulate weapons in accordance with the constitution.
The armed forces can perform different functions according to the laws of each country. In general, their most important role is to defend the country, but they may also engage in the control of internal order, help people in an emergency or even to attack other countries.
The regular army is all the professionals that make up the force on a permanent basis. The armed forces usually include a civil army which is organized and mobilized only in emergencies.
The most common division of the armed forces is the army / land force (it loads the surveillance on Earth), the air force / air force and the Navy / naval force. Thus, members of each force are specialized in their field of action.
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