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Intelligence is to make the best choices to solve any kind of problem. There are different types of intelligence according to their attributes and processes, such as the operational intelligence, biological intelligence or psychological intelligence.
Artificial, on the other hand, is an adjective which expresses what is done by the means of art or the ingenuity of man. What is artificial is also what is not natural or fake.
The concept of artificial intelligence has been developed to refer to certain systems created by humans who are non-living rational agents. Rationality, in this case, is defined as the ability to maximize an expected result.
Artificial intelligence therefore consists of designing processes which, when performed on a physical architecture, produce results that maximize performance. These processes are based on sequences of entries that are collected and stored by such architecture.
Appliances equipped with artificial intelligence can execute processes to the similar (similar) to human behavior, such as the execution of a response for each entry (similar to the reflex actions of human beings living), searching for a State among all those who are possible following an action or the resolution of problems through formal logic.
"A.I. Artificial Intelligence" is also a movie directed by Steven Spielberg that was released in 2001. His argument is based on the story of a robot that, even having been created to replace a human child, showing that he has feelings. The film is based on a story by Brian Aldiss and incorporates elements of Pinocchio.
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