What is the Meaning of Blatant | Definition and What is Blatant

Blatant is something which radiates or which shone like fire. The concept is used to denote something that occurs at the time or that is so obvious that it does not have evidence.
Examples: "people are are outraged with the blatant lie of the Member", 'I do not accept that it said also blatant lies about me', ' the error was blatant: there will be no forgiveness.
In the field of the offence (or crime) criminal red-handed means one who is surprised at the right time. The blatant, therefore, has to do with the immediacy and the possibility of detecting the offence at the same time it is committed.
The fact that an offence is flagrant has direct consequences in law. In a case of flagrante delicto, the police may enter a home without a warrant to prevent the crime/offence occurs or continues. Take a flagrant offender crime, moreover, facilitates the criminal proceedings on the guilt of the accused.
If a police car through a street and officers noticed a man pushes a woman and stolen his wallet, they can exit the vehicle and capture the criminal. Thus, the attacker can be stopped by flagrante delicto.
Concerning basketball, a flagrant foul is awarded by an arbitrator when a player has no intention of play/throw the ball. Typically, these faults are penalized only if the athlete intends to only hit his opponent or if it wants to stop a situation of attack by unparliamentary means.
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