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From latin benedictĭo, the blessing is the action and the effect of blessing. The word evokes making praise, exalt or devote something to divine worship or invoke the divine blessing in favor of something or someone.
The blessing is thus the expression of a benign desire to a person to one or more objects and which, through the expression itself, materializes. This means that at the moment is pronounced the blessing, the action of bless materializes.
Examples: "I will ask the blessing to Mr Michel, the father, for our new home", 'my daughter, you have my blessing to marry with Jacques', 'the Bishop is instructed to give the blessing to the aircraft that will transport humanitarian aid en route to Africa.
A blessing can be expressed in many ways, without explicit reference to the Act of blessing. The expression "God protect you" is also a blessing.
You can see the blessing as something achieved by divine intervention (when a priest invokes God to bless) or by the will of a person. In this sense, expressions such as "Well take care of you" or "You'll see that you're going to overcome it" can be understood as blessings.
Approval or consent given by one person to another can also be considered blessings: "the boss gave me his blessing so that I implement my project", with the blessing of his family, Thomas decided to go after her dreams and went abroad ".
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