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The physical quantity that allows to indicate the amount of matter contained in a body is called mass. The unit of mass in the International system is the kilogram (kg).
Body, for that matter, said of what belongs or what is related to the body. Among the various uses of this concept, the body can be all the organic systems that constitute a living being. The human body, for example, is formed by the head, torso, arm (upper limb) and legs (limbs).
Body mass, therefore, concerns the amount of material present in a human body. The concept is associated with the body mass index (BMI), which is to match the weight and size of the person to determine if this relationship is healthy.
The weight alone is not a substantial data to know the State of health of a given person. Two people can weigh 80 each, and yet one can have an excellent athletic form and the other may suffer from obesity. A weight of 80 kilos is normal for someone who is 1.90 m but can be a risk for someone who is 1.60 m.
BMI, created by the statistician, the sociologist and the Belgian naturalist LAJ Quetelet, is calculated by dividing the weight (in kilograms) by height (in centimeters) square. Refer to a table to know if BMI indicates a healthy weight or a serious problem (underweight or overweight or obesity) to correct.
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