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A library is a store or a shop dedicated to selling books. There are all kinds of bookstores, namely, small premises having a few copies or whole buildings offering thousands of publications. Libraries may belong to a chain with many branches or have one unique selling point. These traders are booksellers.
Examples: "I went to five libraries, but I still have not found my favorite author's new book", "my grandson is working in a downtown Bookstore. City ', 'There were two casualties during the robbery attempt in the small library.
There are bookstores that sell books on various topics, while others are specialized in specific areas. It is possible, in this sense, to find scientific libraries, sports libraries, etc.
Libraries may also sell second-hand books. These stores buy books to individuals at a certain price, then resell them at a price more high, earning thus the difference.
Virtual bookstores, meanwhile, are dedicated to selling books on the Internet. These books can be physical (pins, paper) or digital (so-called "e-books" to read on a computer or electronic devices).
In some countries, libraries are stores which, like paper mills, sell newspapers, school supplies and various objects of office: "I go to bookstore to buy the newspaper.
Finally, the term library can be used as a synonym for library (local where books can be consulted for purposes of research or study and can be loaned temporarily).
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