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A briefing note is a story or short and concise reporting. It's sort of a comment, an opinion or a short and detailed critique. This expression is often used in the context of a scientific work, a book, a movie, an album, etc., published in the press or at the University.
Examples: "yesterday, I read the paper on Ben Stiller's new movie; He looks to be very good', 'the writer is furious with the literary criticism because the Executive summary of his latest novel', 'the professor asked me to write a paper on the work of Charles Dickens'.
We can say, in general, that the briefing note is used to describe or summarize key aspects of a text or an audiovisual production, helping the reader to understand the work in question in more detail, even before there is direct access. In other words, reading a paper on a film, it acquaints himself with his argument and we'll see it at the cinema with an idea of what it is.
The Executive summary aims to provide a general overview and critique on the subject or object referred to. They are informative and descriptive text that may interest the reader (to see a movie, read a book, listen to a disc, go to an event) or dissuade him.
The Organization of the Executive summary includes an argumentative structure, which begins with an introduction of the object to be treated, followed by a position taken by the author (which argues and justify his opinion, positive or negative) and ends with a reaffirmation of the position adopted.
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