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From the latin brutālis, brutal is an adjective which is used to evoke what is specific to the behavior of animals, taking into account their irrationality and violence. The quality of crude is brutality.
Examples: "man had to be treated at the hospital following a brutal attack by the demonstrators", "a brutal explosion in a plant for the production of bottles made twenty deaths", "the Dutch defender was suspended for eight games after committing a brutal infringement on an opponent, leaving him seriously injured", "the victim died after suffering both brutal blows to the skull.
When a person commits an act of violence, one speaks of brutal action. Manslaughter, punched, rape or the destruction of a school are the facts that can be regarded as brutal.
Something huge or intense, on the other hand, also can be described as brutal. If someone said "the brutal screams of the crowd prevented the president's speech", she claims that the noise was so loud that the president could not speak.
Furthermore, brutal death metal is a musical subgenre of death metal. This subgenus is generally regarded as the most extreme because of its fast pace, serious voice and lyrics concerning the death, disorders or diseases.
If a police officer commits a brutal act, instead of talking about police brutality there. These actions, involving the excessive use of physical force, verbal abuse and threats, are considered to be a deviation from the normal behaviour of the normal font and are punishable (condemned) by the law and internal regulations.
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