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The bullying is an anglicized word which does not form part of the french dictionaries, but whose use is more and more common in our language. The concept refers to the intimidation and all forms of physical, verbal or emotional abuse taking place at the school, repeatedly and over time.
The bullying often takes place in the classroom and in the playground. This type of violence usually affects children between 12 and 15 years, but can extend to other ages.
The aggressor intimidates or harasses his victim in different ways, in the silence or complicity of other colleagues. As a general rule, the conflict begins with jokes that become systematic and that can lead to brawls or physical assaults.
Bullying cases revealed an abuse of power. The stalker arrives to intimidate another boy (or another girl), who perceives it as being stronger, regardless of whether this force is real or subjective. Little by little, the bullied child begins to experience various psychological consequences to the situation, and begins to be afraid to go to school and to flee or hide from his companions, etc.
With new technologies, the bullying has spread to the House of the victims (says the cyberbullying). Bullies disrupt via the Internet, by bullies emails, the dissemination of retouched photos, defamation in social networks and creating Web sites with content aggressive.
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