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A call centre is an office where a group of specifically trained persons are responsible for customer service or telephone services.
Those who work in a call center can make calls (for trying to sell a product or a service, conduct a survey, etc.) or receive them (to respond to the doubts and questions from customers, deal with the commands, save complaints/claims). In some cases, call centers are specialized in one of the two tasks (making or receiving calls), while in others, they fulfil two functions.
The call center, on the other hand, can be used to establish communications with clients, potential, providers, business partners or others. Their function is determined by each society: it is common that a single call centre comply with the various features.
It is important to emphasize that the call centre can be operated by the company itself or subcontracted to an outside firm. There are companies who are dedicated to the creation of call centres (with the necessary infrastructure and qualified personnel), that market this benefit.
The main advantage that a call centre can offer to a company, it is that it centralizes the services. If the company does not call centre, all calls arrive at different offices, which makes it difficult to decide how they are channeled and recorded. The call center, however, is intended only to facilitate communication. Operators are trained to solve problems themselves and not to pass calls a framework only in exceptional cases.
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