What is the Meaning of Camaraderie | Definition and What is Camaraderie

The camaraderie is the link between comrades. Comrades, in turn, are those that accompany the other purpose, forming a kind of community, organization or team.
Examples: "we need an atmosphere of camaraderie in society if we are to achieve our goals", 'the selection has won again for the camaraderie and solidarity in defence of its members', "Mistress is concerned because of the lack of camaraderie between children".
The notion of camaraderie is often used to refer to the good correspondence and harmony between colleagues. Otherwise said, nor all relations with colleagues reflect the camaraderie because some occur only by physical proximity or by sharing certain tasks in a forced manner.
If a class consists of 25 students, we can say that these 25 children are comrades. The camaraderie is solidarity between them, as attitudes when a child lends its business to another, or when two girls share candy. If such links do not take place, there's no camaraderie between peers.
Within a company, an organization or a sports group, the camaraderie is the basis for successful teamwork. The cohesion between the members allows to operate individual skills and improve the result of the action of the group. The teams whose members share values, standards of conduct and the objectives are those that are more likely to succeed. Fellowship allows, moreover, to make daily life more enjoyable because it allows to build an atmosphere of brotherhood.
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