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Camping, which is an English term, refers to the activity that involves camping in the open air. It is worth mentioning that a camp is a possible installation of people on an open field or place outdoor ready to welcome travellers or tourists.
For example: "this weekend, we'll go camping near the Lake", "We'll need a tent to go camping on the coast in summer", "I do not really like camping: I prefer the comfort of the hotels.
The campsite is a recreational or educational activity. Its essence is to install temporary housing, which may be portable or improvised, in a place open to live there for a certain period of time. You can go camping for one night, a few weeks or even several months.
Typically, in camping, the goal is to have close experience of nature, which proves to be difficult to achieve at home or in the middle of a city. Therefore, camping usually takes place on a hill, next to a lake or in the forest, among other places.
Housing through camping is usually a tent. People are sleeping in a sleeping or on a small mattress bag. As the tent is not electricity, it is necessary to adapt to the situation and prepare the food with a wood fire.
When temporary housing is associated with an event or an emergency (such as a natural disaster or a political conflict), we rarely use the word camping, but rather refugees or displaced persons camp.
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