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Nursing care is a concept related to health and health care system. Can be of the profession which is to provide care to the sick and injured on clinical criteria; the studies necessary to obtain the said diploma; the dependency for the care of the sick or all of patients of a place or a specific time.
In the context of nursing care, we mention the occupation of caregiver, who is the person graduated in nursing intended to help treat and support patients in basic activities.
Among the functions of the caregiver, it is feeding and caring for the hygiene of the patient or injured person (give it to drink, wash it, help dressing, etc.), analyze vital signs, meds via oral or rectal to perform cures under the supervision of a senior.
Typically, caregiver works as a team with nurses and doctors in hospitals, health centres, clinics, maternity homes or offices. The doctor is taking major decisions and which loads the caregiver to perform certain medical tasks.
In this way, the doctor can examine a patient who is hospitalized and ask the caregiver to provide a certain antibiotic every 12 hours, for example.
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