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Centralization is the action and the effect of centralizing. This verb, on the other hand, refers to the fact to bring together several things in a common center or do different things depend on a central authority.
Understand the concept of centralization, therefore, to refer to the notions of centre and central. Centre, from latin centrum, can refer to the Interior point which is at equal distance limits of a figure, at the place where converge for coordinated action to the region which concentrates the points most common population, to the area where there are more bureaucratic or commercial activity and the place where people come together with a purpose.
Central refers to respect or belongs to the centre. The central can be something that is in the physical Center, the place which is between two ends or something basic or essential.
To return to the idea of centralization, we can say that it is the action or initiative aimed at bringing together different things in a joint centre. A company may opt for the centralization of calls it receives and to enter into the same (central telephone) device to a receptionist (or hostess) will support calls. It is she who will redirect calls to the appropriate person.
The centralization of power, on the other hand, is linked to the national or federal Government who assume the powers granted to local organizations. This means that all decisions are derived from the same centre (national Government), so that the authorities of the provinces, cities, etc. lose power and autonomy.
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