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A feature is an attribute that allows to identify someone or something while the or distinguishing it from fellow peers. There can be issues regarding the character, personality or symbolism, but also physical appearance. For example: 'police disclosed the characteristics of the attacker to alert people', "I asked the provider to learn the features of its new machine", "this device has a particular characteristic: it turns off with the heat.
These are the features, therefore, which are specific and precise a person nature. To say that a man is large, Brown, chatty, friendly and respectful, is make a list of personal characteristics.
It is important, in particular, mentioning that certain characteristics are subjective. In the above example, the sympathy of the individual in question may not be for the other person. The height, on the other hand, is a very relative: if man is 1.80 meters, it is bigger than that is 1.60 meters, but it is smaller than someone measuring less than 2 meters.
Animals, too, have characteristics. The characteristics that identify a dog, include his four legs, his body covered with hairs and its communication by Barking.
Finally, in game "who is this?", the goal is to try to guess the characteristics to discover who is behind the mysterious face.
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