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From the latin carĭtas, charity is a virtue of the Christian religion which is to love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself. It is therefore a disinterested love.
For Christianity, the charity is one of the three theological virtues, faith and hope. The Christian loves God for himself and his neighbor for the love of God. For charity, the end of all actions, love it.
This sense, the concept of charity is also used to refer to assistance to those in need. Examples: "Bill Gates has donated a large part of his fortune for charity purposes',"my grandmother since she retired, dedicates his time to charity","in this city, many families live of charity ".
The word "charity" may be synonymous with "Philanthropy", whose etymology refers to "love of humanity". For the love he feels for mankind, the philanthropist helping others without asking anything in return and without other specific intentions. Charity or philanthropy can grow individually, through an informal group or organization.
The charity may also be understood as the alms given to the poor or, in general, as the Act of solidarity (or charity) towards the suffering of others: "thanks to your charity, this evening, my children will be able to eat,"at school, told us still that we must practice charity and solidarity.
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