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The term chat, in addition to the animal, is English but reads (and sometimes writes) «chat». Although foreign, this concept is now part of the french dictionaries and is widely used in our language because it allows to refer to a kind of instant messaging where the discussion (in writing) takes place in real time and online (on the Internet).
Examples: "last night, I stayed in room chat until three o'clock in the morning", 'the player will participate in a chat and will answer the questions of the fans', "I met my girlfriend on a cat", "I don't really like the cat, I prefer email.
In general, the concept of chat is used to name the written instantly message exchange. In this case, users type and send messages and the respective recipients receive them instantly (at the time). The same applies if users leave messages on a public chat.
This brings us to the distinction between a private chat (which takes place between two or more persons, but in a virtual world whose boundaries are defined by the participants themselves) and the public chat (where all who enter in a forum, for example, can read messages).
When it is possible on a cat to see the other person and talk to him, it is a chat conference. In this case, users can exchange messages written but also oral or Visual if they have a microphone and a webcam.
Finally, the frenchified word "chat" means to participate in this kind of online discussions: "Tomorrow, I will connect to chat with my grandfather," "what I like really on the Net, it's chat with my friends.

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