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Chronogram is a concept used in several countries for the working time or activities. The term comes from the words Greek chronos ("time") and gramma ("letter").
Examples: "According to the timetable specified by the authorities, vendors will come to the city tomorrow", "According the timetable agreed with the Manager, we must today submit at least five balances", "we will develop a timeline to better organize our obligations."
The timetable is therefore a quite important tool in managing projects. It can be a paper document or a digital application; in any case, the timeline includes a list of activities or tasks with start and end dates.
Suppose that a journalist should write five notes and that his editor told him that the delivery period is one month. The journalist is therefore no more four weeks to perform the necessary research, establish contacts, do interviews and write articles. To organize its work and avoid "accumulate the final tasks before the deadline, it may develop a timeline by objectives and dates.
Another example of the use of a timeline may take place when the Government announces that the medical tent will visit several villages to provide free care to the inhabitants. The authorities then published a timetable indicating the days where the tent will travel to each of the places and at what time of the day in the service of the people.
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