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Synonymous with household cleaning is action and the effect of clean (remove dirt, imperfections or defects something remove dry leaves or vegetable and fruit peelings; ensure that space remains free of what is harmful).
Examples: "I just sew your trousers. Now, I'll take care of the cleaning of the bathroom before doing the ironing,' "the cleaning of the bette takes quite some time," "in the spring, I usually do a thorough cleaning. The House has really need. »
The term refers also concerns the quality of cleanliness: "Bravo!" Cleaning your House is impeccable. "
Cleaning can be associated with hygiene (the techniques applied by the people to clean their bodies and to control the factors that may have a negative effect on their health). Through cleanliness and hygiene, it is possible to eliminate microorganisms skin and objects (dust, for example) who are in contact with humans.
Cleaning products are those which help to eliminate dirt, such as detergents, bleach, ammonia or SOAP water. The utensils of cleansing, on the other hand, are tools, instruments, and devices which allow to clean a surface (the broom, brush, sponge, cloth, vacuum cleaner, seal, etc.).
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