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Circuit is a term that comes from the latin circuĭtus which means the closed curve, the predetermined route ride which ends at the point of departure or all-terrain within a perimeter. Closed, on the other hand, is something that has no output or which is strict or restricted.
The concept of closed circuit, therefore, refers to the interconnection of two or more components with at least a firm ride. In electricity, the closed circuit includes a set of switches, resistors, semiconductor, inductors, capacitors and cables, among other components.
Through the closed circuit, the flow of current power flows between components. Usually, a circuit of this kind presents producers or consumers aware of intercalated way.
A circuit closed of television, also known under the acronym CCTV (from the English Closed Circuit Television), is a technology that allows to watch various environments for security reasons. The name relates to the images show which is intended for a limited number of viewers, unlike traditional television.
It is possible to construct a closed circuit television with one or more cameras to televisions or monitors, who are responsible for the images. By adding a recorder, videos can be kept and stored.
Closed-circuit television is common in enterprises. Many of them choose to install cameras at the entrance, reception, offices, factory and warehouse, with screens in a special room under the supervision of a guardian. If he notices an abnormal movement, it may intervene or prevent the police.
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