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Coating is the action and the effect of coating (cover, camouflage, simulate). The concept is used to refer to the coverage or the layer that can be used to decorate and protect a surface. For example: "our company is specialized in the manufacture of wooden panels", "I am considering getting a coating on the walls of the kitchen", "George bought a House whose facade has a beautiful stone coating."
For construction and decoration, the coating is a coating of a specific material used for the protection or ornament of walls, ceiling or floor. It is customary to make a coating to hide the surface damage caused by the passage of time (humidity, etc.).
Coatings include ceramics, wood, paper (which is used to upholster) and painting. Coatings can be both indoors and outdoors (the façade).
If the goal is to apply a coating, the first thing to do is remove the previous layers until the surface is smooth. Otherwise, the aesthetic result is not satisfactory.
In the case of floor coatings, latest need not glue. They are installed on a floating basis, fixing panels.
Outside, meanwhile, liners are also important for the protection of buildings. Brick, marble and tile are part of the most popular materials.
Finally, the surface epithelium is epithelial tissue which are made the skin and the mucus layer.
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