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Collaboration is the action and the effect of work. This verb refers to work together with one or more persons within a work or project. For example: 'Thanks to the collaboration of the participants, the charity dinner has collected more than twenty thousand dollars,' ' I can ask your collaboration? I need to use this machine but I do not know how to do it', 'I would have never been able to push the truck without the cooperation of the police.
Collaboration is therefore aid given to someone so that person can do a thing that she could not do otherwise or that it would have done with great difficulty. In this sense, can work with an elderly person who needs to climb stairs or a blind to cross the street.
Collaboration can also be a disinterested financial contribution. It is possible to collaborate in different ways with all kinds of charitable or solidarity causes (by purchasing a raffle ticket, by sponsoring a non-for-profit institution, etc.).
In the field of journalism, means working the usual work of a Publisher within a newspaper or a magazine, without belonging to the actual staff: "in this issue, a new collaboration by Jean Dubois, which reveals the economic changes that will take place soon", 'I have not yet touched money from my collaborations of last month', 'this man was a collaborator of the newspaper Paris Match and Figaro.
The groupware is the set of computer programs that promote collaborative work and allow many users to work simultaneously on the same project. This kind of software functions via a network (Internet or intranet).
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