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(Synonym collapsing) collapse is the action and the effect of collapse. This verb indicates action rush, slide, shoot down or demolished, depending on the context. Examples: "the collapse of the old building was three dead and ten wounded", "authorities have announced that the investigation into the collapse of the restaurant extend over several months," "Oscar managed to escape the collapse by miracle: if he was out to a few seconds later, he died crushed.
Collapses (or landslides) can occur in different areas. In mountainous regions, collapses are natural causes when erosion or weather conditions are boulders rush from the top of surfaces to other lower.
Collapses are also common in mines. Work in the mines, with explosions and tools that hit the rocks, produce falls of stones. One collapses that transcend the world is that of the accident which took place August 5, 2010 in the mine of San Jose in Copiap├│ (in Chile), having taken 33 trapped miners for seventy days.
In the citiescollapses are often associated with structural defects or attacks (such as the one that took place at the World Trade Center, in the USA, after the terrorist attacks).
The concept of collapse can also be used symbolically to evoke something which falls, which unravels or which plummets: 'the collapse of the team occurred following the injury of Filibertti', ' for many people, such a tragedy would mean the collapse of the spirit: for me, it's just a hurdle to overcome.
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