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College is a term that comes from the latin collegĭum. This word, in turn, comes from the verb colligĕre ("together"). A college is an institution dedicated to education, which is located between elementary school and high school, providing education students aged 11 to 15.
The classes taught are the sixth, fifth, fourth and third. Examples: "I will register my son in a private college", 'Yesterday, there was a flight out of the college', ' it seems that it is the best college of the. City ", 'John is happy because tomorrow it is not college courses, allowing the lie-in."
The concept of college is used to designate both the educational institution that the building itself and the classes that take place: «the rate is very high, we must change the college», «college has been repainted, now it is like new.
It is possible to separate schools based on their property, and public colleges (of which the ownership and management are in the hands of the State) and private colleges (educational non-profit institutions, but which are subject to certain controls and regulations of the State).
A military college is an institution dedicated to military training.
College, well, maybe a group of people (or any association or corporation) who share a profession or a same feature.
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