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A colony is a set of people who come from the same country and settled in another. The term is also used to name the place where these people settle and, by extension, the territory which is dominated by a foreign power.
Examples: «the colony of Ecuadorians at Madrid is constantly growing», «The Welsh founded a large colony in Patagonia at the beginning of the last century», "this country was a British colony for a long time."
We can say that the immigrants who settle in a country form a colony of their nation of origin. Thus, all Germans living in Uruguay are a German colony in Uruguay.
This sense of the term, of course, did not correlate with a domain or the administration of the Germany on Uruguayan soil. On the other hand, in a political sense, the fact colonialism refers to the control of a territory by a foreign colony. Brazil, for example, was a Portuguese colony until 1822. The Ivory Coast is a former colony of the France or Egypt, which is a former colony of Britain.
A children's holiday residence (also called summer camp or just colo), the Group of animals of the same species living in a given territory and, in some countries, a neighborhood or a city are also called colony.
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