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Common Latin usualis, is an adjective that refers to something that is common, usual or what is customary. Examples: "when you go to Paris, the most usual is to visit the Eiffel Tower", "It is common in this country that women wear a veil to cover their face", "out of a football stadium and go eat a pizza is very common.
What is common, therefore, concerns a certain frequency in the actions or behaviors. This meaning can be understood only in a given society because what is common within a community may seem very strange in another.
The fact that two men who barely know each other kissing on the cheek is common in many countries of Latin America. However, this same gesture is rare elsewhere.
In Uruguay, walking down the street with a thermos to drink of the mast is very common. It is a custom that generates no surprise and that does not attract attention in this country. On the other hand, if a man walks on a street in the USA while drinking of the mast, this is somewhat strange, even bizarre.
The words may also be considered usual or unusual. If someone says that "Jean tells often lot of nonsense" is a colloquialism that generates no surprise. This is not the case, if someone says: «John often delivers a collection of nonsense. Some of these terms such as 'collection' or 'nonsense' are little customary in the current language.
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