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Space, from the latin spatĭum, is a term which admits multiple usages and meanings: it's the extension contained in the existing material, the ability to land or the part occupied by a sensitive subject among other definitions.
Confined, meanwhile, is an adjective that means the person who is condemned to live in a compulsory residence or who is locked in a certain place.
Means so by any confined space area to enter or exit is limited or restricted and which is not appropriate for that man is occupying it permanently or continuously.
The concept is usual in the world of work for workplaces with few amenities and limitations specific to the worker.
A confined space requiring a permit is one that contains a hazardous atmosphere and which, because of its configuration, poses a risk to people who are fit as they can be trapped or have health problems.
Industrial security considers hazardous confined spaces where they are intended for the storage of certain products (such as chemicals) with the risk of spills or leaks, chemical reactions or processes of oxidation and decomposition. A confined space (clos) can also be dangerous if indoors, mechanical operations are performed there such as welding or other.
The confined space may be above ground or underground. It is important to mention that a confined space is not necessarily small dimensions, given that silos and the vaults of security are confined spaces and can have a high surface area.
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