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Conspiracy is a term of French origin and which designates a conspiracy (or even a plot) of a political or social nature. The concept is also used to describe the conspiracy or the confabulation between two or more persons against one or more other.
Examples: "the president denounced a plot of the military leaders of the country who wanted to seize power", "If the plot succeeds, in a few days, we will have a new Director", "colonel discovered the conspiracy against him, why he is angry.
The plot generally involves an agreement between two or more persons who decide to work together to remove the power to another or to inflict damage. The agreement, of course, is hidden to prevent that the person to whom the conspiracy is addressed understands that an operation was set underway against him.
Individuals who conspire implementing actions so that the different circumstances contribute to the same end. Suppose that two soldiers prepare a plot against a general as he leaves power. The idea is to force him to commit an offence/error which may become public to make it feel forced to resign. It may be to install a hidden camera or invent evidence of an alleged crime, everything is valid so that the plot materializes and whether the goal is accomplished.
The plot may also be developed to hide information. There are theories that defend that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth, but several international governments have decided to make a conspiracy to conceal information and thus avoid humans panic.
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