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From latin constructĭo, the construction is the action and effect of build. This verb means build, build, fabricate, or develop a work of engineering or architecture. Examples: "the construction of the new theatre is well advanced", "the collapse was caused by defects in construction", "architect Jacobacci announced the construction of a building of 30 floors overlooking the river.
The concept of construction is also used to designate the built work and the art of building/building: "Left, we can observe a building from the 18th century that served as general warehouse", "my father is working in construction", "the tornado destroyed several buildings in the village", "I love colonial constructions, with their windows and arches.
The idea of the construction, on the other hand, can be used figuratively to refer to anything that, somehow, is constructed or produced. It is not a physical building (with cement, bricks, etc.), but rather what is linked to a production not tangible or material. If a politician says that he is working on "the construction of a new electoral front which represents the interests of workers", he means that he wants to create an alliance between political parties and not the construction of a building.
In a similar sense, the expression "We must all engage in the construction of a different country" may refer to a working spouse and solidarity to improve a nation, and not declaring the existence of a new State.
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