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Container, which comes from the English (ditto), is a container that is used to deposit waste or large packagings, the dimensions and types standardized at the international level, which is used to transport goods.
In the first case, the container (also called the dumpster) is usually located on the public highway for citizens deposit their garbage. Collection, during their usual route trucks, empty bins and transport the waste to a treatment or landfill plant, where appropriate.
Examples: "you'll leave this bag in the container because the truck will arrive at any time", "an old man accidentally threw $ 1 million in the container", "container of the corner is not emptied for three days.
As a cargo container, the container is used for sea, River, air, land, and multimodal transport. The standardization of its dimensions facilitates handling and international trade operations: "three containers from China have just arrive with electronic products", "vendor confirmed that the container with the car will arrive in the country in the coming days.
As these are large packagings, containers are used for transporting heavy or bulky objects such as machines or vehicles. For smaller products, there are other options.
Can be found in steel, aluminum and reinforced wooden containers. Usually, their interiors have some sort of coating to prevent moisture during the trip. In the corners, the containers have appropriate spaces so that they can be connected and raised by special cranes.
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