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Latin concursus, the competition is competition or all people. The concept is used to designate the collaboration, participation or assistance in a given substance.
The competition may be competitions between several participants to obtain a prize or reward. Examples: "those who wish to participate in the contest must submit their nominations by 15 August", "the jury will announce the name of the winner of the contest in the next few hours", "I just finished my first novel and I'll present it to the competition.
Competitive bidding between those who seek to develop a work or to provide a service under certain conditions are another type of competition. The organization behind the project examines the proposals of all candidates and chooses the one that brings more benefits: "the provincial government has opened a competition for the construction of a new hospital in the West", "we are pleased because our company won the competition for the provision of technical support to the police telecommunications services", "to participate in the competition, we must submit our proposal in the coming days."
Sometimes, to grant a charge or grant any kind of honor, a competition is organised. The candidates present their merits for accessing the reward: 'I'll introduce me to contest for the Presidency of the economy', "the University will launch a competition to fill vacancies.
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