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A summons is something that convenes. The concept is also used to refer to the letter or the announcement by which it convenes (or an appeal is made). To understand this concept, it should know that the verb "convene" mean quote or call any person to attend an event or a particular place.
Examples: "the president made a great convening so that all sectors accompany Bill», «the convening included several names that have surprised the experts», 'the priest is willing to accept the convening of the Mayor to join the movement.
In the field of sport, the convocation is the players list prepared by a coach to cope with a game or a tournament. The coach of a football team made notices each week to define what are the players who will have to appear at each date of a Championship. For the World Cup, coach of a selection must be a convocation (submit an appeal) to more than 20 players who will play in the corresponding games.
A convening, in general terms, is a public call that is made with a specific purpose. It can be a call to someone in particular or to a company as a whole. The president of a country may convene a leader of the opposition to accept or to take measures or else convene the community as a whole to not trigger violent protests.
The convening of the creditors (when a debtor company seeks to negotiate with those to whom it owes money) and the convening of the shareholders (who seeks to gather by the means of a meeting or a general meeting those who hold shares within a company) are other types of notices.
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