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From latin corollarĭum, corollary is a proposal resulting from the above (having been previously demonstrated) and which therefore requires no particular evidence. Means that a corollary is an obvious or inevitable conclusion drawn from some history.
Examples: "the corollary of smoking three packs of cigarettes a day is a disease of the lungs", "the decline of the team is the corollary of several years of mismanagement," "the resignation of Senator after the scandal is nothing other than the corollary of the situation which erupted last Wednesday», «the corollary could not be different: three demonstrators were released for lack of merit.
In common parlance, a corollary appears as something logical or inevitable account in light of the previous facts. A football player discussed with the Technical Director of his team during a workout. The next day, he publicly criticized coach. The third day, he was absent without notifying the team. The corollary of this situation is that the coach away from the player on the team and stop him attention.
In the field of logic and mathematics, the corollary is evidence of an already proven theorem and for which it is useless to make an effort in his demonstration. If we claim that all the Interior angles of a square are right angles (90 °) and that all the squares have four corners, a corollary of these statements is that the Interior angles of a square total 360 ° (an angle of 90 ° + angle + 90 ° + a 90 ° + 90 ° angle = 360 °).

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