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The action and the effect of match are called correspondence. Match, on the other hand, it is pay something equal or belong.
The concept of correspondence can be used to designate what is proportional or who has a relationship with something else. Examples: "do not try to compare two things that have no matches", "j. analyzed the calls but found no match with the sentencing of the accused," "the correspondence between statements surprised the press."
In addition, correspondence may be communication between two or more persons. The match involves the exchange of letters: the person who sends communication is the sender while that to which it is addressed is the recipient.
In general, the notion of correspondence is used to denote the exchange of letters in an envelope (mail). The name and address of the recipient are written on the front of the envelope, while the sender is stored on the back. Correspondence, however, is also the exchange of emails (emails). In this case, the communication is digital and virtual.
The correspondence is usually associated with a private Exchange where a person wrote to person B and that one replied. In some cases, however, the correspondence is made public, whether by the will of the persons concerned (with an open letter) or by the fame of these (where the correspondence between the celebrities is published).
In the field of mathematics, correspondence is a binary relation between two sets. The match is a subset of the Cartesian product such sets.
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