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Latin tussis, cough is a sound and movement convulsive respiratory tract of humans and animals. This phenomenon occurs due to spasmodic contraction of the chest cavity from the violent release of air from the lungs.
Examples: "I'll take Marc to the doctor: there a lot of cough and it does not stop sneezing", "If you take cough syrup, you will see that you will feel better", "I am tired because this cursed cough did not me me left sleep the night.
The cough usually begins with a mechanism of reflex symptomatic or asymptomatic. Of a given stimulus occurs a deep breath after which the glottis closes, the diaphragm relaxes and the muscles contract. The pressure inside the chest is the trachea to shrink and the glottis opened, with a difference of pressure between the Airways and the atmosphere.
The stimulation produced by coughing, moreover, can be mechanical, thermal, chemical or inflammatory. The treatment, therefore, varies depending on the origin and characteristics of the cough.
The use of nebulizers and taking expectorants or antibiotics are some mechanisms which help to eliminate the cough.
Means convulsive cough suffocating cough and violent attacks. Pertussis, on the other hand, is an infectious disease caused by catarrh in the respiratory tract and causes convulsive cough (persistent) with very intense characteristics and fever.
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