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Country is an adjective which is used as a synonym of peasant and, therefore, that refers to what belongs or which is relative to the campaign.
Examples: "field clothes are suited to tasks that are usually performed in rural areas", "I would like to spend the weekend in a country house, surrounded by animals and crops", «country life is much harder that what you imagine, he must get up before 6 o'clock in the morning and finish the job at the sunset».
Applied to a meeting, a meal or an evening, this adjective refers to what is celebrated at the campaign: "country lunch included lamb, meat of pig and other delights", «the singer wishes to celebrate his marriage with a rustic celebration which will include folk performances», «the main owners of the region met in a pastoral meeting during which they discussed the position to take to respond to the new decisions. the Government ".
In short, rural said everything what is happening in the countryside (or fields) or that has a relationship with it. One can therefore speak of pastoral activities, traditions and rural customs, etc.
Finally, a Fête champêtre was a form of elegant pretty popular entertainment in the 18th century where the people invited were diverted by orchestras hidden among the nature, specifically, trees.
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