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The term is shot refers to the physical or symbolic impact. Military, in turn, is an adjective that refers to what belongs or which is relative to the war or the militia.
Coup d'etat means any violent action held by a rebel force to try to seize the Government and move the existing authorities.
A coup d ' état is therefore suddenly materialized by the army. Usually, all the military coups are based on the weapons and infrastructure available to the army.
However, it has not generated only by military coup. Typically, coups d ' état are supported or boosted by civil sectors who are interested in overthrowing the Government.
For example, a political group plans to take power. To do this, it uses a particular economic sector (industry, agriculture, etc.), which loads, in turn, create unfavourable market conditions to destabilize the Government. The rebel group also joined the armed forces, who attempt to enter forced so where lies Chair it and reverse it.
That said, a coup can also count on the support of political parties and businessmen, beyond, perhaps, as the highest authority of the State to become military.
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