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A reference is any information or data on something or dependency, the similarity or relationship of one thing over another. The term refers to the action and the effect of refer.
The concept of reference crossroads (or reference) means the reference to an item (object) or data that appears in another location in a document. The application of cross references to display the data rows and columns, as in a double entry table.
For example: a person who works with an array of goods and an array of commands can see the goods ordered over a period of time through a cross reference.
On the Microsoft Word program, the cross-reference is related to an item elsewhere in a document. You can create cross-references to numbered paragraphs, notes (bottom of page) and titles. This allows to determine the impact of changes on the whole.
Once created the cross-reference, it is possible to change the element to which it relates (a number of page to a bookmark, a paragraph in a title, etc.).
To create the cross-reference in Microsoft Word, the first step is to write an introductory text (as "more information on..."). Then, you must insert the cross-reference, select the type of item to be referred and, finally, to select the specific element (the title of a chapter, a marker, a numbered paragraph).
The user can directly access the element by selecting the hyperlink. Thus, the person will have just to click on the cross-reference and will be returned to the new element.
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