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Crosswords are a game (a hobby) that to fill in the open spaces of an array (a rack) with letters. To discover what letter should write in each space, crossword indicate the meaning of the words to be read vertically and horizontally. The aim is therefore to present a set of words that can be read in the vertical and horizontal direction and which intersect with each other once the grid fully filled.
To begin to fill in the crossword grid, should read both definitions presented in the hobby lists: one for vertical and one for the horizontal. The grid is composed of white boxes (where you must write individual letters) and black boxes (which are used to separate words).
Thus, by reading each of the definitions, the player must fill the empty spaces by writing a letter in each white box as and when he discovers the corresponding words. Little by little, he will have completed the game.
There are several variants of the crossword game, as syllabic crossword (it must be supplemented with a syllable in each box instead of a letter), the words crossed with a character (including a photo of a certain personality to guess his name and his name) or white crossword grids (no black boxes, the player must discover the solution without previously knowing the location of the black boxes).
Crosswords are usually published in newspapers and magazines while there are publications and books that are devoted exclusively to this game that appeared for the first time in New York, in December 1913.
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