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The centre concept has its origin in the word latin centrum and can discuss various topics. One of the meanings refers to the place where people meet for a given purpose.
Cultural, meanwhile, is an adjective that means belonging or which refers to the culture. This notion of the term latin cultus, is linked to the intellectual faculties of man and the culture of the human spirit.
A cultural centre is so space to participate in cultural activities. These centres aim to promote culture among the people of a community.
For example: «last night, we went to see a play at the local cultural center», «Michel worked as a Professor of computer science at the cultural centre», "tango singer will be presented tomorrow at the cultural centre of the city, and admission is free.
The structure of a cultural centre can vary depending on the case. Major centres include audiences with scripts, libraries, computer rooms and other spaces with the necessary infrastructure to provide courses or workshops and concerts, plays, movies etc.
The cultural centre is often a meeting point in small communities where people come together to preserve traditions and develop cultural activities that include the participation of the whole family.
As a general rule, the activities of the cultural centres are free or very affordable, so that nobody be dismissed for economic reasons. The property of cultural centres is usually State or cooperative, because it generally non-profit institutions.
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