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The delimitation is the action and the effect of delineating. This verb refers to determining the limits of something. Examples: "the demarcation of the border was source of conflict between the two countries", "the Director of a company must invest its time on the delimitation of the functions of each employee to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings", "I yet did the delimitation of the land.
The concept of limit, in turn, relates to the real or imaginary line separating two territories or a restriction (or limitation) among other things. Delimit, therefore, is a division (between two or more things) or impose a siege (physical or symbolic).
In this sense we can delimit both land by fences that the responsibilities of an employee by instructions or orders. This means that the term may refer to a physical and concrete separation (the fence that marks the border between two properties) or a more abstract constraint/restriction (the order that establishes what are the tasks).
The delimitation of the territory was very important for many centuries, when the European powers were extended to other regions through colonialism and then when the colonies began to become independent. It was necessary to set new limits in each country or region.
Another related concept is the limitation, indicating the action and the effect to limit or to restrict. The use of the terms 'limitation' and 'boundaries', in language, is almost identical, because they are both often used synonymously in some contexts.
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