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Determining what determines. The verb "determine", for its part, serves to define the terms of something, to report something to some effect, to take a resolution and to distinguish or discern.
Examples: "the penalty kick was instrumental in the development of the game", "experts believe that the support of the president will be decisive in the next elections", "my parents notice is decisive in my decisions. »
In Linguistics, a determinant is a morpheme that, adjacent to the noun quantified or specialized forming as well as a key phrase. Determinants, therefore, refer to an object and define their meaning.
The linguistic determinants are divided in quantifiers, interrogative/exclamatifs, undefined and defined. I read the entire book"includes predetermining it 'everything', which defines the scope of the phrase to the entire"book ". The sentence "I loved the book", for its part, presents the identifying 'the' (definite article) while "I want a double portion of fries" presents the quantifier 'double '.
In regards to the interrogative or exclamatory determinants, it is those who are included in expressions like 'What problem!' or ' how many players? ''
In the field of mathematics, a determinant is an expression derived from the application of the elements of a square matrix following certain rules. It is worth mentioning that the determinant is an alternating multilinear form.
In a database, a determinant is an attribute which is functionally dependent on another attribute. The second attribute, therefore, has no meaning in the absence of the first.
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