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From latin disiunctĭo ("disunity"), the disjunction is the action and the effect of disunity and separation. The concept is used in many fields such as genetics, grammar and philosophy.
The genetic separation is the separation of the chromosomes through mitosis (division under which each daughter cell gets a complete batch of chromosomes due to duplication of genetic material) and meiosis (the sequence of two cell divisions in the process of the formation of the gametes, resulting in four cells each with one chromosome of each pair of the original cell).
In grammar, mean disjunction or disjunctive the word (or group of words) which indicates an exclusive alternation. «We're going to Miami or Punta Cana» includes a disjunction "or". Other examples of these conjunctions are "Want sausages or hamburgers?", "I do not know whether to call the section head or Director", "We must think to the car or other property to pay the debt."
For rhetoric, the disjunction is a formed figure where each sentence contains all necessary parts even if none of these phrases is necessary to the meaning of the previous or the next.
The philosophical disjunction implies separation of two realities despite the fact that the two are intrinsically linked one to the other (in high /en down, left / right, etc.).
The logical disjunction, finally, is the assertion which is true when one of the assertions is true.
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