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Among the many uses of the term 'drive', there is mention that refers to the concept of hard drive, which is the storage device data used in computers.
The concept of defragment, on the other hand, refers to the process to organize the files from a disk so that each occupies a contiguous zone and that there is no unused space between them.
This procedure is necessary because that user creates and deletes files on the hard disk, a file can be divided (fragmented) into several pieces, making access to information more difficult.
By making a non-contiguous storage of files, therefore, fragmentation occurs. This problem is common in the Windows operating system, which provides a tool called Disk Defragmenter which is responsible for the problem.
Disk Defragmenter organizes information fragments that are distributed along the drive, which helps improve the distribution of free (space) and the speed of data access. Given that the information is physically moved, sufficient memory is needed to achieve such displacement. The logical structure of the disk, however, remains unchanged.
It is noted that Windows Disk Defragmenter to avoid the involvement of the unmovable files of the system, why defragmenting the disk can not reach 100%.
Depending on the type of file system defragmentation should be more or less frequent. The type FAT partition, for example, faster than the NFTS fragments.
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