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What exists through intellectual activity is part of the thought. It is a product of the spirit that comes from the rational activity of the intellect or the abstractions of the imagination.
It is possible to distinguish between the different types of thinking, everything depends on the mental operation in question. Deductive thinking, inductive thinking, systematic thought, critical thinking and analytical thinking are some of them.
Differ, moreover, refers to which diverges (which is in disagreement, which is different, which is moving away or that separates). The divergent thinking or lateral thinking, therefore, is looking for alternatives or creative and different possibilities to solve a problem.
The divergent thinking can be understood in creative thinking, about imagination rather than logical and rational thinking. This concept was invented by psychologist Maltese Edward de Bono. According to him, the divergent thinking is a way of organizing the process of thinking through unorthodox strategies. The objective is therefore generate ideas that are beyond the usual thought guidelines.
For Bono, lateral thinking can develop by putting into practice the techniques that help to see the same object from different perspectives. Divergent thinking is an engine of personal and social change since it brings new answers to known problems.
The Maltese psychologist recognizes three main types of obstructions of thought, namely: the lack of information, the mental block and the weight of the evidence. Concerning the latter, when evidence of the problem prevents to predict a better option, it can be overcome through divergent thinking.
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