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The concept of editorial (also called "editorial") is related to journalism and refers to an article which reflects the position of the columnist (the journalist responsible for drafting this kind of article) or the editor-in-Chief regarding issues that are addressed, a hot topic, etc.
The editorial is found in print media (newspapers, magazines) but also in television and radio, and Internet broadcasts.
Examples: «Igor Roskztkov is the author of the most widely read editorial in Russia», «Jean-Michel has worked as an editor in the sports section, but now he is columnist and articles appear on the front page of the newspaper.
The editorial is a journalistic genre that is used when someone wants to express an opinion. As a general rule, the written press has columnists who publish their views on some issues of general interest well an objective and neutral manner. Contrary to the opinion pieces, the editorial is rarely written in the first person.
Many writers and intellectuals are of excellent editors and contribute to the prestige newspapers and magazines have published their editorials.
Thanks to the opinion of the author, the editorial is designed to present an interpretation of reality in order to guide the reader. In some cases, editorials are published from various points of view on the same subject, so that readers can draw their own conclusions.
Some media, however, use editorial to expose their position relative to the reality while highlighting their way of thinking and political tendency.
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