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Enemy is an adjective which is used for naming something or someone which is contrary or antagonist to oneself. Enmity is a disagreement extreme and intolerant between persons or entities of different types.
Examples: "the Iran and Israel are two countries who never reach an agreement", «burglary which took place at the businessman was the work of an enemy», «dentist is my enemy, I wish I could never see him again, "this tour seems to have been organized by the enemy: we were taken to the uglier places of the city.
One or more persons or communities can become enemies when they defend the opposing ideas and show themselves intolerant against the beliefs of others. If two people think differently, this does not mean that they are enemy unless one of them decides to make it disappear or to impose itself.
The enmity is often the first step in a war. If two countries fail to agree and they are fundamentalist in their positions, it is well probable that the situation becomes an armed conflict. In this case, the two armies will be considered enemy camps. In particular, the treatment to be provided to an enemy is governed by the laws and international conventions.
It is expected, therefore, that the enemy attempting to hurt him with prejudice and trying to inflict as much damage as possible. Often, the relationship of enmity is based on the mutual hatred. This is usually not the case of the soldiers of both armies in the war because they are only following the orders of their superiors and to defend the political values.
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