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Entropy is a concept which takes its name from a Greek word which means 'return' or 'processing' (used in the figurative sense). It is a concept used in physics, chemistry, Informatics, mathematics and Linguistics, among other areas.
Entropy can be the thermodynamic physical quantity that can measure the unusable portion of the energy contained in a system. In other words, this part of the energy can not be used to produce a work.
Means also entropy evaluation (or measure) of the disorder of a system. Entropy, in this sense, is associated with a level of homogeneity.
The entropy of formation of a chemical compound is the difference of entropy in the process of formation from the elements. More the entropy of formation is important and more training is favourable.
In information theory, entropy is the measure of uncertainty that there is to a set of messages (which it receives only one). It is a measure of the information which is necessary to reduce or eliminate the uncertainty.
On the other hand, entropy is the average amount of information contained in the transmitted symbols. Words such as «the» or «who» are the most common symbols in a text. However, it is those who provide less information. The message has information relevant and maximum entropy provided that all symbols are equally probable.
Linguistics, therefore, considers the entropy as the level of discourse information weighted by the number of lexemes.
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