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Exclusive means which excludes or who has the ability and the power to exclude. The term is also used to describe what is unique (and, therefore, excludes any other thing of the same kind).
Examples: "the Real Madrid player walked into an exclusive car through the streets of the city', ' is an exclusive restaurant that works only on reservation ', 'I'm sorry, but the toilets are to the exclusive use of our customers.
Sometimes, what is exclusive (or even unique) is associated with a right or privilege enjoyed by a person or partnership to achieve things that are prohibited in others. The members of a club can have exclusive access to a swimming pool which is closed to the public. This means that this pool is exclusive (restricted) to members of the club.
In the same vein, a building can have some common areas that are exclusive to the owners (like a laundry room or terrace). Tenants, therefore, do not have access to these services because they do not have permission to use them.
Sometimes, exclusivity is not a question of law, but rather the economic difficulty that it represents to gain access. A car of half a million dollars can be purchased by anyone, provided you have this amount of money. As people with such financial means are scarce, it is then an exclusive car.
For the press, exclusive content are those which are obtained by a single media, which reserves the right of publication or broadcast: "exclusive: singer talks about his divorce", "we, exclusive, the speech of the president following the resignation of the Minister.
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