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The action to explore is known under the designation of exploration. This verb refers to the idea to examine, recognize, check or register diligently a place or a thing.
Examples: "scientists said that the new cave exploring will be completed in the next six months", «We could not carry out the exploration of the complex because of the lack of light», «exploration was successful and all lost climbers have been found.
Mean geographic exploration activity that involves travel to discover or review an unknown space for scientific, economic, or military reasons. This practice develops, although with different characteristics, since prehistoric times. Exploration led to the advancement of mankind in many ways.
Geographical exploration boom took place during the Age of discovery, between the 15th and 16th centuries, when the Spain, the Portugal, France, England and other countries have used their technological advances to be able to respond to transoceanic travel.
Space exploration, on the other hand, is the study of space and stars. This task can be developed by humans (the astronauts) or by machines such as artificial satellites and probes.
Medical exploration is the Act by which a doctor explores the patient's body in order to make a diagnosis. It can be divided into exploration (or review) Physics and additional exploration.
In the field of information technology, search for information on a computer or on a network (including the web) can be considered an exploration: ' it has not managed to find the quote that we sent him: I completed the exploration of the hard drive, but I found nothing.
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